Why Join JAWUG

JAWUG is many things to many people..

Being a member of Jawug, can be a great learning experience in all areas of Information Technology as well as a FUN experience. Besides wireless networking, the following technologies are experimented with and used on JAWUG

  • WebSite Development
  • Network Fault Finding
  • Network Routing
  • Network Address Maintenance
  • Network Server Maintenance
  • Applications Development
  • and the list goes on

A number of members of JAWUG have gone on to form careers in the information technology field. At the very least, JAWUG will enable you to become that person who is considerd the “computer expert” in your place of work.

The goal of JAWUG and indeed any other WUGS (Wireless User Group) is to unite users in a large (or perhaps even huge) wireless network.

Its not all work and no play …Gaming is huge on the network, If you enjoy LAN gaming then JAWUG is a must with hundreds of members facing off against each other in network wide tournaments. Members are free to host their own gaming servers, and with low ping times, its a gamers haven.

Regular Social WugMeets (A collection of Wuggers) are organised to give the community feedback on projects, general information and to talk about anything else that interests the community.

One day, you may decide that you want to participate and ‘give back’ to the community – or even just give yourself an opportunity to experiment with your setup. Install a sector to allow people in your neighbourhood to connect more easily and grow the network. The JAWUG community will provide advice, and assist you with the setup, perhaps even providing you with some hardware, sparing you the expense!