Donate now, and help JAWUG grow and expand into South Africa’s largest community network delivering a learning experience, technology, communication to hundreds of South Africans.

With your support we can:

  • Provide, upgrade & Replace High site equipment damaged by the elements.
  • Increase network coverage by sponsoring Tower/Roof top Space for JAWUG high sites and repeaters.
  • Deliver network coverage and infrastructure to areas where the communities cannot afford the costs associated with constructing high sites.
  • Host servers & services for JAWUG members.
  • Purchase Hardware and software needed to manage core infrastructure.
  • Run community learning seminars and events.

Pledge your organisations commitment to the development of information technology and communications now by becoming a JAWUG sponsor:

What can my Organisation do ?
  • Cash Donations
  • Useful Equipment equipment
  • Radio Tower or Roof top space for highsites and repeaters.
  • Sponsoring of Technology & Communications Training events
  • Paraphernalia and marketing materials
  • Server hosting facilities.
What does my Organisation benefit  from becoming a sponsor?

Majority of the members on JAWUG are involved in technology in one way or the other in their places of work. Your organisation would gain exposure to these members, who use and purchase the very technology or services that your company might be providing. Depending on the nature of your organisations Sponsorship :

  • JAWUG Website logo and banner advertising
  • JAWUG paraphernalia with your organisations branding
  • Posters and other brand material at WUG meetings and events.
  • Highsite or Services sponsorships with banner branding of your organisation.
My Organisation is ready to fulfil its social commitment to development of ITC and would like to sponsor, how do we do it ?

e-mail  : mancom@jawug.co.za.www100.jnb2.host-h.net , and member of JAWUG management team will contact you to discuss the way forward.