The Kit

DO NOT PURCHASE any equipment until you have validated with a member of the admins team that you are in a coverage area, and that you have the potential to connect. After checking your locations, and HighSites that you should connect to, the Admins may recommend that a different kit Configuration is used compared to the standard Wug kit below.

Although the WUG is an experimental network, a equipment standard has developed over time, as various equipment types and configurations have been tried and used.

Mikrotik Wireless equipment is the Jawug standard and used to connect users to highsites and for the highsite to highsite backbone links.

To encourage network expansion,redundancy and growth, equipment that supports more than 1 wireless link is required.

The Standard Wug Kit can be purchased from the following Suppliers.


Note that the above suppliers grant JAWUG rebates on user equipment purchased. These rebates are used for HighSite upgrades and maintenance. Please Mention that you are buying on the JAWUG account when purchasing your kit.

The standard Minimum Kit Configuration

 The following is the minimum requirements.

  • Mikrotik Routerboard 433 (MINIMUM)
  • R52 Radios Card
  • 27dbi 5.8ghz Grid Antenna/ 2.4 Ghz HighSite depending.
  • N-Type to UFL Pigtail
  • IP66-LITE (with pole Mount Bracket)
  • 24vdc POE over Ethernet Injector
  • 1 Meter LMR Cable with male Ntype Male Connectors at both ends
  • Ethernet Cable to Connect the kit to your PC or Network Switch inside your house.

Always speak to a JAWUG admin before purchasing any kit. Click the Chat with us link to connect to irc to discuss your connection options.

The Typical Kit used for Transit Sites

 A Transit Site is a location where more than one link is used. The following scenarios are examples of Transit Sites.

  • A Location does not have Line of Site to a High Site, but does have Line of Sight to another Jawug user who can see a High Site and is connetced to one.
  • A Location that is connected to two separate HighSites.
  • A Location that is connected to two or three other users by Seperate links, who eventually connect to a HighSite. In this Scenario, triangles are created and is known as a Meshed Network. Due to the Limited number of HighSites and the hilly terrain in the West Rand, a large number of the links are of this type.

In the above, the standard kit is used with the addition of the following equipment sets per each additional Link

  • R52 Radios Card
  • 27dbi 5.8ghz Grid Antenna
  • N-Type to UFL Pigtail
  • 1 Meter LMR Cable with Male Ntype to Male NType Connectors at both ends

Important Notice : As Mikrotik is the Jawug standard on the network and network management. No support will be offered for client nodes running any other kit except Mikrotik. Client nodes choosing to use UBIQUITY or any other brand of equipment will not be supported and will run the risk of being unable to connect to Jawug sites which run proprietary Mikrotik protocols. This only applies to client nodes and not point to point links.

Important Information

The above information is provided for information Purposes. There are various scenarios that may require deviations from the Standard Wug Kit, with the following being the common variables.

  • Distance from HighSites or Transit Sites
  • Is there Partial or Full Line of Site (Trees, Buildings in the way, etc) to High or Transit Sites
  • The number of Links in the Area.

It is recommended that you discuss your proposed Connections to HighSites and the Site locations with the Jawug Admins before purchasing any Equipment. Depending on the Site, the Jawug Admins may recommend deviations from the Standard Wug Kit