Do you provide access to the Internet?
NO, sorry we are NOT an internet service provider.

Why would I want to join JAWUG?
JAWUG is a wireless network that allows users to do anything they would normally do on a┬ánetwork – play games, share files, voip, etc. anything that can run on IP. It also offers a great learning experience, as all users learn to use and understand wireless and communications systems, from the basics all the way up to advanced routing protocols. JAWUG offers a free communication medium for all non-profit and non-commercial uses.

Do I get any guarantee of service on JAWUG?
No, JAWUG is a community project and therefore can not guarantee any quality of service and connectivity. The administration and management of the network rely 100% on the time and effort of volunteers that assist when and where they can.

How do I get connected?
Read the Getting Started section. Following the Getting started guide will help you get yourself plotted on the WugPlotter, which will give you an idea of the equipment you’ll need.

Can I use JAWUG to link different branches of my business together?
NO, JAWUG is a non-profit, non-commercial organisation. We do not permit anything of a commercial nature on the network.

How are JAWUG Highsites & projects funded?
Being an organisation for public benifit and not profit generating, JAWUG relies on funding from club member fees, donations from the user community, rebates that we receive from our suppliers and the sponsorship from private companies who have chosen to take an interest in the postive development of the field Information Technology and communications in South Africa.

Where can I find information on how to use my Mikrotik Routerboard?
The Mikrotik Website has extensive resources. A full reference manual is available on their site as well as a comprehensive wiki containing many useful resources and HowTo’s.

I have lots of questions that aren’t answered on this page
Come and talk to us on IRC or visit our Questions & Answers website. Please make your selection on our menu sidebar on the right of our page.