Jawug is a community-based effort, where people who have an interest in building, maintaining, and experimenting with data networks, connecting their home computers together using wireless network technology in the Greater Johannesburg Region converge. Being experimental, the network does not carry any commercial or Internet traffic.

The Jawug network covers a large part of Johannesburg, stretching from the deep South, to the East and West, and connecting into the PTAWUG Network in Pretoria.

Being a member of Jawug, can be a great learning experience in all areas of Information Technology. Besides wireless networking

There are computer gaming groups on Jawug, who regularly play network games across the Jawug Network. This certainly beats lugging around that big PC Case to someone else’s house to play a LAN Game.

Jawug has a minimal annual membership fee, which is used to pay for various things, including network maintenance and equipment, license fees for the network, and even monthly rental  fees for tower space. Most times the fees just don’t go far enough, and the community is asked to donate some money or any useful hardware. Jawug also appeals for sponsorships from Corporate companies who have a keen interest in the development of Information Technology and communications in South Africa.

Since JAWUG is a non-profit public benefit organization created by the community and run by the community, the only real way to get involved is to sign up, investigate your surroundings on Google Earth, climb onto your roof (remember: safety first) and take some photos for line of sight (LOS) purposes. If all seems well, come chat on IRC before you splash out though! Read the Getting Started page for more information…

JAWUG is managed by a group of people (members of the community) that are elected annually. You can view this year’s, as well as previous years committees on the MANCOM page.

Our vision is to continuously grow Jawug into the largest wireless network in South Africa and possibly one of the largest wireless networks in the world!

JAWUG is a proud member of both WAPA and ISPA